Acne Prevention

Acne Prevention

Once your acne has cleared it is necessary to consult your dermatologist regarding a continuation of therapy in the form of mild lotions or ointments for some more time.
These are some simple prevention measures you can adopt to prevent a recurrence.

  • Wash acne-prone areas only twice a day. Washing removes excess oil and dead skin cells. You are best advised to use a gentle cleanser and use oil-free, water-based skin care products which may contain a very mild antibacterial or a natural antibacterial product like neem or turmeric.

  • Use an over-the-counter acne cream or gel to help dry excess oil.

  • Avoid heavy foundation makeup. It is important to remember that powder makeup is easier to cleanse than cream makeup as it does not clog the pores and is less irritant.

  • Remove makeup before going to bed. During sleep sebum secretion (oil) is maximal and combined with a makeup this can cause a damaging buildup of bacteria.

  • Throw out old makeup and clean your cosmetic brushes and applicators regularly with soapy water.

  • Wear loose fitting clothing. They allow the skin to respire better and cut down on humidity. Natural fibres like cotton, wool and silk are far friendlier to the skin than synthetic fibres such as rayon, nylon, lycra etc.

  • Regularly shower after exercising or doing strenuous work. Oil and sweat on your skin can trap dirt and bacteria and may cause a recurrence of acne.

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