Elderly Health

The elderly population has been increasing steadily for the past few decades. However, longevity in most cases brings along poorer health.  This automatically causes an increased demand for the provision of health care services for elderly people.

Since two-thirds of the elderly population have limited or no monthly income, the younger generation will have to shoulder the financing of the provision of health care services for the elderly.

The old-old population, i.e., elderly people aged 80 years or above usually suffers a prevalence of chronic diseases and functional impairment.  The rapid growth of this population segment, in turn, creates demand for both acute and long-term care services.

Research has shown that elderly patients account for more than 40% of the in-patients of hospitals.  The average length of hospital stay of the elderly patients is more than 50% higher than that of general patients.  This utilization of in-patient services by the elderly population and their length of hospital stay illustrate the great demand for secondary and tertiary health care services from the elderly population.

Central to the concept of providing good care to our elderly population is the ready availability of information regarding the common health care problems of the old, and the ability to access the points of care in an easy and seamless manner.

Top Elderly Health Topics

Memory Loss

Prostate Enlargement



Alzheimer's Disease

Urine Infection

Diabetic Ulcer

Varicose Veins


Hip Fracture


High BP


Heart Attack


Coronary Angiography

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