Top Diet Tips

Diet Tip No. 1: Have an After-Dinner Drink

Following dinner with a nice, hot cup of tea or a decaf latte can help satisfy your dessert cravings and keep your hand out of mischief.

Diet Tip No. 2: Enjoy your Pizza

The truth is that pizza can definitely be a better choice if topped with vegetables instead of fatty meats, especially if they offer whole grain pizza crust. Ask for extra pizza sauce. (It's rich in micronutrients from the tomatoes.) Serve the slices with a green salad and/or some fresh fruit for a more balanced, fiber- and nutrient-rich meal.

Diet Tip No. 3: Fruits and Vegetables are a must

One of our favorite real-life diet tips involves this simple resolution -- Try to include a vegetable and fruit at every meal.

Diet Tip No. 4: Have Alcohol Only on Weekends

If you enjoy alcohol, be aware that its a good way to really add up calories quickly -- and one way to control it is to limit consumption to the weekends. So try limiting your liquor to Friday and Saturday nights. Keep it to a drink or two each night.

Diet Tip No. 5: Enjoy Fast Food, but once a week

This is our favorite tip on how to live in the real world as and still aim for healthy eating most of the time. By having fast food once a week, you get to enjoy fast food, but it isn't standard fare. It is also important to learn how to make healthier fast-food choices fun choices are BBQ grilled chicken, sandwiches on whole-grain buns, bean burritos, or vegetable-topped personal pizzas.

Diet Tip No. 6: Pre-Dinner snacks

A great tip is to do this before you start cooking dinner, cut up veggies or fruit for everyone to snack on while you are cooking. Remember people are more apt to like foods when they are really hungry.

Diet Tip No. 7: How colorful is your menu

Different foods have different colors and to have at least four different colors in your plate means that you are most probably having a balanced meal. For example, dinner could be chicken (gold-brown), a pulse (orange-yellow), cucumber slices (green) and juice (red).

Diet Tip No.8: Increase the Protein

Proteins are great filling foods and they have a low glycemic index meaning that they are burned by the body efficiently without spiking your blood sugar levels.

Diet Tip No. 9: 1 Diet Soda a Day

Soda is almost ubiquitous in the modern day world. Some people try to limit sugary drinks, but allow themselves boundless diet sodas. This may seem like a great solution, considering that 41% of the added sugar in the diets of urban teens comes from beverages. But instead of replacing sugary drinks with diet versions, one should rather keep ones intake of diet soda and artificial sweeteners to about one drink per day. It leaves more room for hydrating water and healthy green teas!

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